Visa requirements

To obtain a Russian visa, the applicant is required to submit in advance to a Russian diplomatic representation or consular office the following set of documents:

The above items should be sent directly to a Russian embassy or consulate either personally or through a nominated representative. Note verbales should be attached from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Parliament of the Assembly delegate’s country of citizenship; the Assembly delegate’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Parliament; or from the Assembly delegate’s parent international organisation. In exceptional circumstances, visas may be issued directly at the consular offices of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the airports in Moscow and St Petersburg (in this case, visa requests should be sent to the Russian authorities at least two weeks in advance).

It is strongly recommended to refrain from using tourist agencies or passport/visa services to avoid any problems in the transmission of documents.

No consular or express processing fees apply for visa requests by Assembly delegates. Visas are issued within a maximum of three days, and in exceptional cases, may be issued on the same day that the relevant documents are submitted. Citizens who are subject to entry restrictions into the Russian Federation or those who are uncertain whether they are subject to any such restrictions (e.g., their name appearing on a sanctions list, administrative breaches, etc.) must submit to a Russian embassy or consulate the complete set of documents 14 days prior to the presumptive date of entry into Russia, so as to allow for enough time for the visa processing.

Citizens of visa-exempt countries who are seeking to enter the Russian Federation, but are uncertain whether any entry restrictions apply to them should also submit the complete set of documents to a Russian embassy or consulate 14 days prior to their presumptive date of entry.

Citizens of countries which have concluded intergovernmental visa-free travel agreements with the Russian Federation are visa exempt. Information about the entry of foreign nationals into Russia is attached.

Russian Federation entry visa requirements for nationals of IPU members