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City tour of St. Petersburg

City tour. 3 hours

Обзорная экскурсия по Санкт-Петербургу

If this is your first visit to St. Petersburg, a city tour is the best way to get to know Russia’s cultural capital. You will see all of the most famous sights: palaces, museums, cathedrals, canals, theatres, churches and much more.

The Hermitage

Museum tour. 3 hours


The Hermitage is among the world’s most famous museums. Over nearly two and a half centuries, the Hermitage has assembled one of the biggest collections in the world, numbering approximately three million works of art and monuments of world culture, from the Stone Age to the present day. 

City tour, including a stop at the Peter and Paul Fortress

City tour. 4 hours

Обзорная экскурсия по городу с посещением Петропавловской крепости

You will see all of the most famous sights: palaces, museums, cathedrals, canals, theatres, churches and much more. One stop on the tour is a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress. On 16 May (27 May by the new calendar) 1703, Peter the Great founded a new fortress on Zayachy Island, which was later named the Peter and Paul Fortress. That date has gone down in history as being when the city was founded, after which it developed rapidly under the protection of the unassailable fortress.

Special ‘Cathedrals of St. Petersburg’ tour

Mixed tour. 4 hours

Специальная экскурсия Соборы Санкт-Петербурга

Cathedrals and churches occupy a special place in the architectural heritage of St. Petersburg. This tour shows you great architectural works and familiarises you with their history and internal and external ornamentation. St. Isaac’s Cathedral was, for a long time, the main cathedral of the Russian capital. It took 40 years to build this, the fourth-tallest cathedral in the world. A beautiful panorama of the city opens from St. Isaac’s Colonnade. The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ or, as it is more commonly known, the Church of the Saviour on Spilt Blood, was built on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated. It is a unique piece of architecture in the Russian style and the only Orthodox cathedral containing mosaic icons and ornaments covering the entire interior, from floor to the main dome.

Russian Museum

Museum tour. 3 hours

Русский музей

The Russian Museum was the country’s first state museum of Russian visual arts, founded in 1895 in St. Petersburg by order of Emperor Nicolas II. The museum was officially opened to visitors on 19 March (7 March by the old calendar), 1898. The Russian Museum today is a unique depository of artistic treasures, a famous restoration centre, an authoritative institute of academic research, a major cultural and educational centre in Russia, and a research and pedagogical centre for art museums of the Russian Federation, overseeing the activities of 260 art museums across the country.

Night city tour of St. Petersburg

City tour. 3 hours

Ночная обзорная экскурсия по Санкт-Петербургу

This tour covers all the most famous sights in St. Petersburg. The main feature of the night city tour is seeing the bridges raised. The multi-tonne structures are raised in just a few minutes, creating a corridor for ships to pass through. The amazing drawbridges have become a symbol of St. Petersburg’s famous White Nights.

Pushkin, Catherine Palace, and Catherine Park

Mixed tour. 5 hours

Пушкин с посещением парка и Екатерининского дворца

One of the most picturesque suburbs of St. Petersburg is Pushkin, located 24 kilometres to the south of Russia’s cultural capital. The former main summer residence of the imperial family is located here. The Amber Room, unique in its beauty, is located in the Catherine Palace. It was recently rebuilt by Russian restorers using original sketches from the time.

The secrets of St. Petersburg’s bridges

City tour. 3 hours

Секреты мостов Санкт-Петербурга

Bridges are an integral part of the City on the Neva. The beauty of many of St. Petersburg's bridges is comparable with the splendour of the city’s greatest architectural ensembles. The tour is accompanied by a reading of Alexander Pushkin's poems and runs from one opening bridge to the next, providing the history of the construction and technical components of each in turn.

Grand Maket Rossiya

Museum tour. 3 hours

Гранд-макет Россия

On this excursion, you get to see all Russia in a single day, with the help of the largest model version of our vast country. The creators of this dynamic model have endeavoured to represent faithfully the things that, as they see it, encapsulate everyday life in different parts of Russia. The chance to grasp something so immense while seeing the everyday from a different perspective is a fantastic adventure and a rare joy, not only for children but adults too. 

Alexander Popov Central Museum of Communications

Museum tour. 3 hours

Центральный музей связи им. А.С. Попова

Founded in 1872, the Alexander Popov Central Museum of Communications is one of the oldest science and technology museums in the world. Its unique collection, dedicated to the history of communications, contains exhibits related to the history of post, telegraphy and telephony, radio and broadcasting, television, mobile communications, and space and satellite communications.

Pushkin Apartment Museum

Museum tour. 3 hours

Музей-квартира А.С. Пушкина

It was in this building that Alexander Pushkin, mortally wounded in a duel, died on 29 January 1837. The museum has now been restored to the original form and layout of the apartment of Russia’s first poet, with the help of historical documents and friends’ memoirs. It is now replete with the belongings of family, friends and associates.

Dostoevsky Apartment Museum

Museum tour. 3 hours

Музей-квартира Ф.М. Достоевского

Dostoevsky twice rented an apartment in this building on Kuznechny Pereulok: in 1846 and from October 1878 until he died on 28 January 1881. The beginning and end of his artistic journey turned out to be bound together in one place. It was here that he worked on his early novella The Double, and it was here that he wrote his final novel The Brothers Karamazov. Dostoevsky’s apartment has been recreated based on the memoirs of his contemporaries and his wife.

Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) palace and park ensemble

Mixed tour. 5 hours

Дворцово-парковый ансамбль Ломоносова (Ораниенбаум)

The palace and park ensemble of Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) is a unique and invaluable treasure of Russian culture and art of the 18th century. Oranienbaum was the only palace in the suburbs of St. Petersburg not destroyed in the Second World War. Damaged, but not destroyed during the war, the palaces, museums and parks of the town of Lomonosov – many of which have undergone restoration in the last five years – have been preserved with the original 18th century decorative flourishes in all their authenticity.

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